It's time for reliability.
Welcome to Midwest Time Control

Midwest Time Control was established in 1988 to supply the time equipment industry with reliable master clock systems. Midwest Time Control offers a full line of Master and secondary clocks. The Master Clock line is designed to be compatible with most clock systems on the market and with many older clock systems. The digital clocks are versatile and may be interfaced into most clock systems. The analog clocks are compatible with the most popular clock systems.

Midwest Time Control is based in Owasso, OK and manufactures all of its products at its facilities in Owasso. Midwest Time Control was started by Mike and Herman Moon. Both are electrical/electronic engineers with backgrounds in manufacturing. Mike is president of the company and is active in daily operations. Herman is semi-retiree and is available on an as needed basis.

Many of the products and product enhancements have been the result of customer input. Midwest Time Control listens to dealers who install and service time equipment and end users who use the equipment. Midwest Time Control is small enough to listen to the customer and respond quickly, but large enough to supply the volume of equipment required.

Most of the products supplied have been on the market for several years and have a proven record of reliability. New products are extensively tested to live up to or exceed the standards expected by the industry. The Master Clock, which is the heart of any clock system, is unequaled in reliability and serviceability.

The E-Tech Industries line of intercom equipment was purchased in 2001. This line of intercom equipment has an excellent reputation for quality and reliability.