It's time for reliability.
Analog Secondary Wall Clocks

Midwest Time Control Secondary Wall Clocks are designed for a long and trouble free life.

Available corrections are, Simplex, Lathem, Cincinnati, split voltage or 115/24, National, and Standard Electric. (also called dual motor or GRC correction) If you need a correction that is not listed please contact us and we might be able to help you. Our movements are also available as a kit to replace defective movements while retaining the same housing and dial.

Our movements is controlled by a microprocessor with a super capacitor that remembers the correct time during short power failures. When power is resorted the clock sets itself to the correct time.

A Master Clock such as the Midwest Time Control MTC series or its equivalent will control the correction signals to provide an accurate and synchronized multiple clock system.

The Clock Case is molded high impact ABS plastic with a textured finish. The standard case color is Black and is available in Surface or Semi-Flush Mounting.

The Lens is crystal clear glass and the dial is non-yellowing synthetic paper, Polyart. An acrylic lens is available.

Concealed hanging brackets are installed on the clock. The mounting brackets are designed to mount in most existing clock boxes.

The clocks are furnished with color coded wire leads terminated with an industry standard 4 pin connector. A mating connector is supplied with each clock.

Double Mount Brackets and clear. weatherproof clock covers are available.



Input Power
     115 VAC + 10% 60 Hz 4 VA 
     24 VAC + 10% 60 Hz 4 VA 

Minute Impulse

Stepping Voltage
     24 VDC Nominal
Stepping Power
     1.2 VA (24 VDC @ 50 ma)