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Digital Wall Clocks

Midwest Time Control's wired and wireless Digital Wall Clocks cover a wide variety of requirements for accurate and easy to read time displays. They are highly accurate electronic clocks with 100% solid state circuitry, no moving parts to wear out. They are available with 2.5 and 4 inch displays with four or six digits.


Midwest Time Digital Clocks Clock Speaker Baffle a 2.5 inch clock to be mounted in a clock speaker baffle.

Midwest Time Digital ClocksFlush Mount Panel a 2.5 inch clock with panel to be mounted in an electrical back box.

Midwest Time Digital ClocksMidwest Time Digital ClocksMidwest Time Digital ClocksSurface Mount ABS plastic 2.5 or 4 inch enclosed in ABS plastic housing.

Midwest Time Digital ClocksMidwest Time Digital Clocks
Surface Mount in a brushed aluminum frame.

Available in 24 or 115 VAC, with optional 220 VAC.

The clock timing is line synchronous for long term accuracy. An Internal Time Base continues to maintain the correct time during periods of power failure.

Double Mount and four Clock Mount are available. A weatherproof clock cover is also available.

Correction Methods Available:
      Wireless correction - no FCC license required 
      Independent - no correction
      Wired-Synchronous - most standard correction timing
      Impulse Correction 58th and 59th minute available
      RS485 Serial for instant correction
      Please contact us for special correction designed to fit your needs

Other Versions:
      DMC - Digital Master Clock
      DET - Digital Elapsed Timer Clock