Digital Wall Clocks

Digital Wall Clocks

Midwest Time Control’s wired and wireless Digital Wall Clocks  are highly accurate electronic clocks with 100% solid state circuitry, no moving parts to wear out. They are available with 2.5 and 4 inch displays with 4 or 6 digits. Our digital clocks operate from 24 VAC or 100-240 VAC 50 or 65 Hz.  Updated with a Real Time Clock in each digital secondary clock, the RTC has a battery back up and will resume on time even after a power outage.


Surface Mount ABS plastic 2.5 or 4 inch clock enclosed in Black ABS plastic housing.

300 Series – 4 Inch Display – 4 Digit, HH:MM
200 Series – 2.5 Inch Display – 4 Digit, HH:MM
306 Series – 4 Inch Display – 6 Digit, HH:MM:SS


Clock Speaker Baffle: a 2.5 inch clock to be mounted in a speaker baffle. DSB-200 for 24 volt or 115 volt.
Flush Mount Panel: a 2.5 inch clock with flat panel to be mounted in an electrical back box. DSF-200 for 24 volt or 115 volt


Available Accessories:

  • Double Mount Hanger
  • Four Clock Mount Hangers
  • Weatherproof Clock Covers

Correction Methods Available:

  • DWC – Wireless correction – no FCC license required
  • DIC – Independent – no correction
  • DSC – Wired-Synchronous – most standard correction timing
  • Minute Impulse Correction, Hourly at 59th minute available (12-Hour Correction not available)
  • DRC – RS485 for instant correction; provides the benefits of network or PoE type clocks without the high cost

Data Sheets

thumbnail of DSC-200 Digital Secondary Clock 1
200 Series Clocks – 2.5 Inch Digital Clocks
thumbnail of DSC-300-306 Digital Secondary Clock
300 Series – 4 Inch Digital Clocks
thumbnail of DWC-300 and 306
DWC – 4 Inch Wireless Digital Clocks
DSC-380 Impulse Digital Clocks






Please call for special corrections designed to fit your needs.