Master Clock Systems


The MTC-6000 is a microprocessor-based Master Clock designed to provide accurate, trouble-free synchronization of secondary clocks while at the same time offering programmable control circuits for automating building operations. They are suitable for many types of buildings: schools, hospitals, industrial plants, and office buildings. MTC-6000 clocks are a cost competitive solution to your building time control problems with state of the art features.

Programming of MTC-6000 clock is easily accomplished with a human engineered Control Panel. A four digit display and LED indicators guide the operator through each step.

Standard Features

Simple, user friendly programming
1 day, 5 day, 7 day programming
Single event or bulk memory erase
Output circuit status indicators
Duration programming for output circuits
Program security access code
Output circuit ON-OFF-AUTO switches
Simple chronological program review
Automatic leap year update
Automatic daylight savings time correction
On-Off programming for output circuits
12 or 24 hour time display format
Manual secondary clock controls
Automatic correction of Wired Synchronous secondary clocks

Sync-Wired Secondary Clock Control

  • Midwest Time, Simplex this is the most common sync wired correction
  • Standard Electric Time Company correction
  • Standard Electric Time Company correction with auxillary
  • National Time and Signal Hourly
  • National Time and Signal 12 Hour

During periods of primary power failure, an accumulator stores impulse clock signals. When power is restored, the Impulse clocks are corrected to the current time.

The MTC-6000 series of Master Clocks are capable of correcting most commercially available clock systems.

Secondary Minute Impulse Clock Control

With the addition of the optional Impulse Kit, the MTC-6000 series will provide timekeeping and correction signals to 2 or 3 wire Impulse secondary clocks in hourly or twelve hour correction:

  • 59th minute 2 or 3 wire reverse polarity
  • 59th minute 2 or 3 wire reverse polarity with 12 hour correction at 5:00
  • 58th minute
  • No rapid correction pulses or polarity reversal to correct Dukane digital impulse clocks
  • 59th minute 2 wire reverse polarity with 12 hour correction at 6:00
  • each minute pulse is the opposite polarity of the previous pulse, European impulse clocks use this scheme